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Real Estate in Kingman AZ

Set against the dramatic backdrop of open desert and forested mountainsides, the town of Kingman is a place with much to offer anyone seeking a relaxed lifestyle and easy access to premier recreation. Just an hour away is Lake Mead, with nearly 250 square miles of surface area, which offers every imaginable water sport. Visitors enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, and water skiing. The lake attracts a variety of wildlife, including golden eagles and elk, as well as water birds.  Also just minutes from Kingman you can enjoy mountain scenery and desert landscapes, possibly sitting mule deer, kit fox, wild donkeys, and even the occasional big horn sheep. Real estate in Kingman AZ includes a wide variety of homes that can serve as your base for exploring this fascinating region.

Kingman provides all the conveniences of modern life, with active community organizations, plenty of shopping and dining options, and high- quality schools. People are drawn to the area by the very low crime rate and beautiful, affordable neighborhoods. These developments include spectacular home sites where home builders Arizona can custom-build homes that meet the owner’s every need and fit their budget.  Take a look at the real estate in Kingman AZ, and let your imagination take flight.

Real Estate for Sale in Kingman AZ

The benefits of a custom-built home are many, and at Fripps Homes we are dedicated to ensuring that our homes are of the highest quality available. That means the finest materials, sustainable methods, energy-efficient design, and unique, personalized features.  If you’re looking at real estate in Kingman AZ, consider building the home you’ve always wanted. Contact us today at Fripps Homes to get started.

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