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The amazing climate of northern Arizona owes much to the presence of area mountain ranges. Variations in altitude create different zones within a small region.  The town of Kingman sits in the foothills, just at the edge of the desert as the land begins its climb into the lofty Hualapai Mountains. Its elevation of about 3400 feet means that Kingman’s weather is moderated, with plentiful sunshine but cool summer evenings and mild winters. Their spectacular setting, unmatched by most new homes AZ, enhances the homes here. This peaceful, safe and friendly community offers a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.

A quick 100 miles from Las Vegas, Kingman is the county seat of Mohave County, a popular recreational area.  People are drawn to Kingman for many reasons. The people are friendly and the town offers great options for dining and shopping, along with plenty of opportunities for participation in sports and community groups.  But usually the area’s natural attractions are top on the list. There are endless recreational options, from hiking and camping to boating, fishing, and trail rides. If you’re thinking of new homes AZ, Kingman is an excellent option. There are AZ home builders ready to help make this wonderful place your home.

AZ New Homes

Building new homes AZ gives you control over every element of construction.  An experienced builder can offer tremendous advantages in the wisest selections of materials, innovative methods, and appealing floor plans.  At Fripps Homes, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. Give us a call to see what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to help you build the custom dream home you’ve always desired. Let’s get started today!

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