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New Home Builders in AZ

Appreciation for the amazing natural features of our state leads new home builders in AZ to search for ways to enhance their enjoyment and protect their future. At Fripps Homes we utilize the greenest possible materials and methods, constructing beautiful, energy-efficient homes designed for years of carefree comfort. Our location in the Hualapai Valley means our homes are set amidst expansive desert and mountain vistas, creating and serene and inspiring environment for living. The community of Kingman offers many excellent options for home sites that combine first-rate amenities with a friendly, relaxed lifestyle.

Known for its stunning sunsets and great opportunities for outdoor recreation, northwestern Arizona encompasses the Hualapai and Cerbat mountain ranges, and is crossed by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is an easy day trip from Kingman, and the city lights of Las Vegas are just over the horizon, about 100 miles away. New home builders in AZ are busily engaged in meeting the needs of residents who move to the area seeking high-quality properties in these ideal surroundings.  With several upscale developments in progress, Kingman offers some of the most attractive new homes in Arizona.

Arizona New Home Builders

At Fripps Homes, our goal is to construct the ideal home for each client, whether they are busy families, hard-working business owners, or active retirees. Homes in Kingman are available at a wide range of price levels, and our designs are high-quality, personalized, and energy-efficient. Make Fripps Homes your new home builders in AZ; contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping make your dream home a reality. Let’s get started today!

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