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How much will my yearly taxes be?

Estimated Taxes on a $180,000 home is approximately $750 a year

How much will my monthly payments be?


Does my home come with a warranty?

Each home comes with a Home warranty for 2 years on the house and manufacturer’s warranty up to 20 years on certain products.

What utilities come with the home?

City water, City sewer, Paved streets, Cable hookup, Phone hookup, High speed internet, City trash pick up, Gas and Electric depending on home purchased. All utilities are underground

In what areas can you purchase a Fripps Home?

Fripps offers homes in many subdivisions and areas as well as custom built homes
on private lots. Some of the areas Fripps is located in are Fripps Ranch, Southerm Vista, Granite Bluffs, Golden Gate Addition, Hualapai Shadows, and Vie Point at Gold Canyon.>/p>

What is the climate like?

Elevation is 3336 feet, which provides an ideal Southwestern climate. Average summer temperatures are 98-68 degrees Fahrenheit, and 55-30 in the winter.